Loft Conversion for Master Bedroom with En Suite.

Project Overview

Keeping it simple with this post. Our popular request, the loft conversion to master bedroom with en suite for a terrace house.

Additional lighting created by installing a flat roof window at the summit of the stairs.

Project Plan

To follow: we ask that you are patient with us while we develop this section of our site. As I am sure you can appreciate we have a considerable portfolio of work and we wish to include as much detail as we can. This takes time so we are retrospectively updating project sections as we go. If you require specific information relating to project and has not been added yet, then please give us a call?

In this section we like to provide you with the key things that pleased either us or the client.

It is all well and good creating that luxury bedroom in your loft. But all to often the entrance is a real let down. Light is often essential when setting the mood, here we installed a flat roof window to soak the stairwell in light.

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