Jack and Jill Bathroom

Project Overview

Take two existing bathroom and turn them into one luxury family bathroom space, befitting the size and feel of the property.

Removal the existing plumbing and keep the disruption to family life at a minimum. Completely remove and refurbished interior bathroom and household plumbing. A walk in shower and feature bath was our project brief.

Project Plan

Our first step was to support and advise the client on their design options. Experience over many years helps us to understand the needs. Turning ideas and plans in to a realistic and exiting project.

The family were going to stay in the property whilst the work was done. Minimal disruption to family life was critical for both client and my team.

Create a temporary accesses point through a window, helping reduce disruption to the family.

Removal existing bathroom suites and dividing walls.

Alter plumbing to meet the requirements of the new design and water flow. Including moving the existing hot water supply. Which in turn created space for hand finished storage and airing cupboard.


Four weeks to complete


To be updated

Points of note

In this section we like to provide you with the key things that pleased either us or the client.

Sky’s the limit – Client desired both a walk in shower and a central bath. Positioning of the bath gave sky views through the sash windows.

Floor Mounted Bath Taps – The images show it far better than our words.

Ceiling – New ceiling including IP down lighting.

Tiles – We worked very closely with the client on this part of the project. The tile effect for the walls and floor is a good example of what can be achieved with close working relationships.

Finishing Touches – The detail here was all about the layout and positioning. BY placing the toilet in the corner it greatly reduced its footprint. This in turn provided the space needed for a large wall hung sink.

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